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When he saw you trying to get a feeling back in your numb legs again by massaging them he would chuckle and ask you what's wrong. "You did that!" You said partly joking, partly being serious. "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, but I just can't resist you." He would smirk at you before massaging your leg for you."The thing is, he isn't strictly mine. Well, she is mine, but I adopted her when he was a baby, just a couple of months old," you informed him. "That's sweet, but it doesn't change anything," he smiled. You glanced in the door, noticing your son paying happily with the building blocks you'd bought him.Dec 09, 2018 · Hello! Welcome to my book of 'BTS 8TH MEMBER SCENARIOS'! I hope you like and appreciate my writing, and give me constructive criticism to better it. I came across a bunch of '8th Member Scenarios' on Wattpad, and I decided to start my own book. "Baby girl, don't worry… he won't ever confess to you again… he will never steal you from me, because he is dead. Don't cry now… he's unimportant…" Yoongi: Yoongi had been your secret admirer for years now. Every day, without a miss, he left a note and a gift either in your locker or on your doorstep.bts masterlist. have a scroll and leave a ~ > reactions smut ( m ) ; angst ( ☽ ) ; fluff ( ☼ ) [ m ] Bethrothed >> Jin and you consummate your marriage early than usual. [ ☼ ] Boss Me Around ; ceo au >> Namjoon is your possessive brother and when he takes you to an office party he knows you'll fall for his boss. chapters: 01 | 02 [ ☼ ] Chalet girl | snowboarding au | >> You and the ...